In the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology, I am a member of the Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing Laboratory teaching and conducting research in, as the name might imply, image processing, computer vision, remote sensing, and programming. My research interests address the development of solutions to applied, real-world, problems utilizing the appropriate imaging modalities and algorithmic approaches. My expertise are in thermal infrared phenomenology, exploitation, and simulation; design and implementation of novel imaging and ground-based measurement systems; three-dimensional geometry extraction from multi-view imagery; material optical properties measurement and modeling; radiometric and geometric calibration of imaging systems; and still and motion image processing for various applications.

I currently hold the position of Principal Investigator for the Signature Interdisciplinary Research Areas/Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research at the Rochester Institute of Technology. My primary role in this organization is the development of novel radiometric and geometric calibration approaches for small unmanned aerial systems, as well as the facilitation of an interdisciplinary team of researchers both in the development of sensing technologies as well as the use of these systems to find solutions to problems in precision agriculture, infrastructure and facility inspection, as well as novel uses of computer vision for guidance and discovery.