The Linux machines listed below are Raspeberry Pi 4 Model B microcomputers, configured with 8GB RAM, running Raspberry Pi OS. Access to each machine is limited to the person(s) listed and are intended to remain available for your use until graduation.

When you log on, you will automatically mount a shared filesystem that contains your home directory. This filesystem is shared from the main CIS file server. Since your home directory is served up from the CIS file server, it gets backed up every evening around midnight, and, it is the same home directory that will be available to you if/when you log onto any of the CIS server-class machines in the future.

The complete network address for any of these computers is the name listed below located in the domain (e.g.,

apple:dca8099:Derek Adriaansen:
bananacream:smc3165:Shey Cajigas:
blackberry:jabpci:Jim Bodie:RESERVED
blueberry:jabpci:Jim Bodie:RESERVED
bobandy:jjf9075:Jett Forward:
boysenberry:axm2129:Anna Mason:
buko:beg9562:Brooke Galvin:
bumbleberry:crl1986:Clarke LaCelle:
butter:obh4949:Oliver Harvieux:
buttermilk:emh9454:Elizabeth Husarek:
cantaloupe:gck7111:Grace Kachmaryk:
cashew:ddo7311:David Oluwagbemi:
cheese:egk3131:Ellias Kim:
cherry:eal1658:Eric Luba:
chess:ejc5879:Emmet Callahan:
chestnut:ggp2366:Gabriel Peters:
chiffon:hhc9219:Holden Craig:
curry:jab8486:Joe Bianchi:
derby:dpk9624:Danny Klosinski:
fish:jtk4374:Jason Kwong:
flapper:kpl2855:Kristof Lile:
greengrape:ljc9507:Luke Callahan:
keylime:mgr2361:Micah Ross:
lemonicebox:bam3869:Robert Mancini:
lemonmeringue:ndi7381:Nathan Irving:
melktert:rbm8433:Ryan Mcdonald:
mince:tac9273:Troy Church:
peach:tlb5260:Terrlyn Byrd:
peanut:ded7162:Delanie DiFonzo:
pecan:pls6152:Payton Schleh:TA FOR IMGS-180/361/362:zel9356:Zoe Lalena:TA FOR IMGS-180/361/362
pizza:cnspci:Carl Salvaggio:RESERVED
pumpkin:pmm4630:Parker Mei:
raisin:sop3331:Sarah Pool:
raspberry:jabpci:Jim Bodie:RESERVED
rhubarb:ear3168:Emily Rivera-Ojeda::kms2823:Kailey Switzer:
scotch:mes5893:Maxwell Schaefer::ksv9382:Karla van Aardt:
shakerlemon:lds5450:Luke Spinosa::mk2995:Matthew Klein:
strawberry:mjw8601:Mason Wahlers::brb4953:Ben Brandreth:
whoopie:lrm9451:Lauren Mowrey::nkd2840:Nick Duggan: