It is my expectation that anything that you submit to me for evaluation in any course that I teach will represent your own original work. I encourage you to work together, learn from each other, teach each other, however, your submissions should represent your own thoughts, your own words, your own figures, your own photographs, your own computer code, your own results.

Any submitted materials that are found to be duplicated in part or in their entirety from any source; online, print, digital media, classmates, previous students, etc., will constitute a violation of the above-mentioned expectation.

Student behavior deemed by myself to violate the above expectation will be subject to disciplinary action. The course of disciplinary action will be as follows:

  1. For a first offense the student(s) involved will receive, at a minimum, a grade of zero for the assigned work.
  2. For a second offense, in the same or a different course, the student(s) will receive, at a minimum, a failing grade for that course.
  3. For a third offense, the student(s) will be recommended for suspension and their case will be referred to judicial affairs.

Official Policies on Honesty/Ethics

RIT / What is Academic Integrity?
RIT / Policy D08.0 Student Academic Integrity Policy
CIS / Shared Expectations for Ethics and Professional Integrity

Other Guidelines on Honesty/Ethics

American Physical Society Guidelines for Professional Conduct
The National Academies' on Being a Scientist